Material investigation

Its time for an update on whats going on in school right now. We started this semester with a lot of short workshops in the course form and material 3. This is from our first workshop when we were about to investigate how the material affects the shape and the other way around. We started with three materials - foam, wood and silocone weave. I chose to continue working with the silicone weave. Since it was a very short workshop we had to keep it simple and focus on the idea more than the result. I really liked the illusion of the material when it tas layerd in different directions. I liked the small experiments better than the full scale one, I couldnt find the exact same material so this wasnt possible to stretch as the smaller scale weave, and therefore the material lost some of its possibilities that i really liked. It was a fun, but a little bit to short workshop, i would have loved to investigate this further.
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